When the conventional wisdom about migraine triggers is not useful...

Map the individual factors that can decrease, increase, or have no effect on your migraines and experiment with behavioral changes that may reduce the number and severity of your attacks.

The problem with conventional wisdom about "common triggers" is that it may not apply to you. Using Curelator Headache is one way to test your own personal triggers, and potentially discover some surprising news about your "protectors," a new concept.

Not just another diary - the only platform that helps you identify your Individual Migraine Protectors, Triggers and Unassociated Factors you may be avoiding for no good scientific reason

Innovative Data
Entry System
Track using iPhone / iPad in 2-3 minutes per day
Visual Migraine Language
Developed with world's leading neurologists, includes 70 migraine factors
Generate a detailed visualization of your tracking progress
Individual Maps
Discover your Personal Migraine Triggers, Protectors and dismiss Irrelevant Factors
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How Curelator Headache works

Track both migraine and normal days to log enough data to discover your personal factors
Over 70 factors are tracked in less than 3 minutes per day using our Visual Migraine Language system
Follow your tracking progress at the calendar and the snapshot
Generate your Trigger Map, Protector Map and No Association Map after tracking for 90 days
Go ahead and take control of your migraine by avoiding identified triggers and boosting protective factors

Sharron Murray’s Testimonial

Curelator Headache is easy and fun to use. lt takes the guesswork out of triggers. I punch in my data and it is analyzed for me. It makes me think about my lifestyle habits, as well as daily stress levels. lt also lets me know what my protective factors are so I can reinforce positive behaviors.
Sharron Murray
Registered Nurse

Sharron is a registered nurse by profession and the author of respected books about migraine triggers. Sharron tried Curelator Headache after the phenomenal success of her five year journey to track her triggers and reduce her chronic migraine attacks by 90%.

Photo: Joshua Wells
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What migraineurs are saying about us

Been using this now for around 4-5 months and recently got my maps. Using them to narrow down my triggers and increase my protectors. Not rid me of the migraines yet, but reduced.
I can see that Curelator is already challenging my preconceptions, helping me to alter potential triggers and making me do more of the things that are being identified as protectors.
I have used this app for almost a year now. It has been extremely helpful in identifying triggers as well as protectors. The individualized maps have helped me figure out what changes I need to make in order to reduce the number of migraines or the severity. I highly recommend this app for chronic migraine sufferers.
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What neurologists are saying about us

Richard B. Lipton, M.D.

Director Montefiore Headache Center
Member, Clinical Advisory Board Curelator Headache
The Curelator approach is unique in that it is specifically designed to allow migraine patients to identify and manage the factors that influence the day-to-day variation in their risk of attacks.

Professor Anne MacGregor, M.D.

Specialist in Headache and Women's Health, Barts Health NHS Trust
Member, Clinical Advisory Board Curelator Headache
Curelator gives patients individual information that they can use to help them understand how their migraine is developing over time; information and understanding are key to effective management and so much more powerful than just a prescription for medication.
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Curelator Headache studies

Curelator Headache has worked or partnered with leading patient organizations such as National Headache Foundation and Migraine Trust. We have also enrolled patients in our clinical studies via these associations.

The maps being generated by our users suggest that virtually everyone has a different set of factors. This extraordinary diversity may explain why migraine has been so hard to treat with one-size-fits-all therapies.

Check out our ongoing studies listed at ClinicalTrials.gov.

Users Community

PatientsLikeMe logo PatientsLikeMe is a patient network that improves lives and a real time research platform that advances medicine. We've partnered up to bring Curelator users a place to learn more about living with and treating migraine headaches, to connect with others sharing similar experiences, and to track progress over time.
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